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The Best Shared Housing in Medellin

Tellanto offers more than just a room in Medellin. Renting a room and joining the family means you are invited to the fun biweekly events and trips, and have exclusive discounts at bars, restaurants, travel agencies and more in Medellin. All while living in a social, comfortable, international, shared house located near university EAFIT, UPB, UNAL, UNAM, CES and the business districts.

Casa Tellanto Jardin

 9 Rooms

 Starting from €190,-

 Laureles, Medellin, Colombia

Casa Tellanto Laureles 

 11 Rooms

 Starting from €190,-

 Laureles, Medellin, Colombia

Casa Tellanto Jaguar 

 7 Rooms

 Starting from €200,-

 El Poblado, Medellin, Colombia
EAFIT • CES • Business District

Casa Tellanto Poblado

 8 Rooms

 Starting from €270,-

 El Poblado, Medellin, Colombia
EAFIT • CES • Business District

Casa Tellanto Laureles

  • 11 rooms
  • In Laureles near UPB, UNAL and UNAM

View house here

Casa Tellanto Jardin

  • 9 rooms
  • In Laureles near UPB, UNAL and UNAM

View house here

Casa Jaguar

  • 7 rooms
  • In El Poblado near university EAFIT, CES, and business district

View house here

Casa Tellanto Poblado

  • 8 rooms
  • In El Poblado near university EAFIT, CES, and business district

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Living at Tellanto

Tellanto does everything to make your stay convenient and fun. The accommodation gets regularly cleaned, all rooms are of quality and you join a community of like minded international students.

Quality Rooms


The rooms are furnished with a double bed including bedding, nightstand, desk and closet.

Weekly Cleaning


The social areas in the student accommodation are cleaned at least once a week for free.

Additional amenities


We offer paid amenities to enhance your experience. Such as a bike, private fridge, projector, new sheets and more.

High Speed Wifi


All student houses have internet with a minimum speed of 50Mbps everywhere in the house. Also your private room.

Equipped kitchen


Next to the tableware and the essentials, it includes two fridges, a mircowave, blender and an oven.

Safety measures


There is always 24/7 security with either a porter at a gated community, or street security at a house.

The Tellanto Experience

Tellanto organizes biweekly events to make new friends from all over the world, learn the Colombian culture and to discover beautiful destinations.

Halloween Party 

Who could dress up the most originally or who gathered the most candy? We found it out! 

Finca Weekend 

The Tellanto Family stayed at a villa for the weekend and enjoyed a great BBQ and a party.

Welcome Party 

What better way to get to know each other than kicking off the university semester with a party?

Rent a Student Room in Medellin

Tellanto selects houses in Medellin specifically catering to students so that you can be part of a close-knit community of international students in a shared student house. Here you get access to top-notch amenities in a lively atmosphere within a reasonable price range.

With a shared student house, you get the company of Colombian and other international students while retaining your privacy and comfort with your own large bedroom with private bathroom. The common spaces in the student houses typically include a living room, garden, kitchen, and a terrace that provide a great spot for the students to chill together. Amidst the busy schedules and hectic internships in Medellin, the students can enjoy a relaxing time with their fellow housemates as these student houses offer plenty of space for get-togethers, barbecue parties, and many more leisure activities.

Also, the favorable location of the shared student accommodations makes it very convenient for students to commute to their universities. As we have houses in Poblado near EAFIT Universidad and in Laureles near UPB, you will always be able to find your perfect home in Medellin. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any more questions about the accommodation.

Best Neighborhoods in Medellin for International students

Housing in El Poblado

El Poblado is almost always at the top of the lists of the best neighborhoods in Medellin. It is more expensive but offers all the comforts of the western lifestyle. El Poblado is very popular for its nightlife in Parque Lleras.

Also, the University EAFIT is located in Poblado Medellin. Very well located near the train station, bars and restaurants. In this neighborhood, you will also find many internship opportunities as it a commercial district. Due to these reasons, you will find many international student houses in Poblado. You have the option to choose from numerous fully furnished shared student houses including Casa Jaguar By booking a room in one of these houses, you get easy access to EAFIT university and also enjoy the perks of living in one of the best neighborhoods in Medellin.

Housing in Laureles

Laureles is another popular neighborhood in Medellin, which is less touristy but offers all the necessary amenities. This is the area often preferred by students and expats who stay here longer than 6 months.

The Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana is located in this neighborhood. So if you are attending a semester exchange program in Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, you can stay close to your university by easily booking any of our student rooms in the student houses located in this Laureles. Have a look our shared houses Casa Tellanto Laureles and Casa Tellanto Jardin.

Housing in Envigado

Envigado is a quieter residential neighborhood which offers affordable housing options. Parque Envigado is a popular spot in this neighborhood that has many restaurants and bars surrounding it.

Semester Exchange or Internship in Medellin Colombia

Medellin is home to some of the best universities in Colombia like the University of Antioquia, EAFIT University, and Pontifical Bolivarian University. Through exchange programs, more and more international students are able to study abroad in Medellin.

Medellin is considered an important economic center in Colombia and many multinational companies are increasingly starting their operations in the city. As a result, there are numerous internship opportunities available for international students.

About Medellin

With one of the most amazing and rapid transformations ever, Medellin has become a popular spot for international students. Continuous urban development and investments in improving the infrastructure are the major factors contributing to the betterment of the city.

Living here will allow you to witness the drive for improvement and innovation that makes the city so special. The pleasant climate, friendly people, cheap cost of living are among the many factors that make Medellin such an attractive place for studying and living abroad.

Get the most out of your stay in Medellin!

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