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Tellanto offers more than just a room in Medellin. Renting a room and joining the family means you are invited to the fun biweekly events and trips, and have exclusive discounts at bars, restaurants, travel agencies and more. All while living in a social, comfortable, international, shared house located near the universities.

Stay at Tellanto

Our accommodations are in premium locations near universities and the business district. After a long day you can rest and enjoy the spacious and comfortable student rooms, or chill with your international roommates in one of the beautifully designed social areas in the house.

Casa Tellanto Jardin

 9 Rooms

 Starting from €265,-

 Laureles, Medellin, Colombia

Casa Tellanto Laureles 

 11 Rooms

 Starting from €250,-

 Laureles, Medellin, Colombia

Casa Tellanto Mono

 8 Rooms

 Starting from €270,-

 El Poblado, Medellin, Colombia
EAFIT  • CES • Business District

Casa Tellanto Jaguar 

 7 Rooms

 Starting from €220,-

 El Poblado, Medellin, Colombia
EAFIT • CES • Business District


When staying at Tellanto you can trust our promises. Fun and convenience are our highest priorities. Plus, we offer free weekly groceries, weekly cleaning and more.

Quality Rooms


The rooms are furnished with a double bed including bedding, nightstand, desk and closet.

Weekly Cleaning


The social areas in the student accommodation are cleaned at least once a week for free.

Additional amenities 


We offer paid amenities to enhance your experience. Such as a bike, private fridge, projector, new sheets and more.

High Speed Wifi


All student houses have internet with a minimum speed of 50Mbps everywhere in the house. Also your private room.

Equipped kitchen


Next to the tableware and the essentials, it includes two fridges, a mircowave, blender and an oven.

Safety measures


There is always 24/7 security with either a porter at a gated community, or street security at a house.


Experience life like never before. Join our biweekly cultural, adventurous and outrageous events. We create stories you don’t want to miss out on.

Halloween Party 

Who could dress up the most originally or who gathered the most candy? We found it out! 

Finca Weekend 

The Tellanto Family stayed at a villa for the weekend and enjoyed a great BBQ and a party.

Welcome Party 

What better way to get to know each other than kicking off the university semester with a party?



We’ll be there every step of the way.

What is Tellanto?

Tellanto is a company from the Netherlands that understands the comfortability, convenience and safety standards internationals are looking for when they go abroad. This has been translated into an unforgettable experience with exclusive events, a discount cards, and quality housing.

What is included in the rent?

Staying at Tellanto means you always have a private room and possibly a private bathroom and/or balcony. The rooms are furnished with a double bed of 1.40cm when possible, a desk with chair, nightstand, closet and sometimes a hammock.

Every week the house gets cleaned at least once a week. Additionally, the biweekly events and discount card are for free.

Why should I stay at Tellanto?

Staying at Tellanto means you will get more than just a room. It’s about a social, comfortable and convenient experience abroad. Tellanto makes living in Latin America easy with a community of likeminded people, houses near universities and business districts, trips and events to explore the country and all the convenience you need in a house.

How do I apply for a room?

The application process is easy and can be done online, through WhatsApp (+31 6 25165578) or just in person when you are already abroad. The first step is to share your WhatsApp on the web page of the house you are interested in. You will receive a message from us to discuss the details and to answer possible questions. When you feel ready we will send you the contract.

How do I get in contact?

We understand going and living abroad is not easy. There is almost always someone available of Tellanto to help you with anything you need. This doesn’t only have to be about the Tellanto houses, what to bring before arrival, or visa situations. Ask us anything!
Our WhatsApp is +31 6 25165578 or email to [email protected]

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