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Housing in Latin American Cities

What are Student Houses Abroad?

Why a Room in a Student House?

Living at an international student house in Latin America is a unique and brilliant experience. You get to live with students from all over the world who are doing an internship or study abroad semester in Latin America.

A student houses is a shared house made specifically for students. Our student houses all have private rooms with optional private bathrooms or shared bathrooms. The main facilities of the house are the common areas that are shared with the other students, including the living room, kitchen and outdoor patio.

Tellanto Houses in Latin America

Tellanto is operating in three major Latin American countries; Colombia, Mexico, and Peru. So if you are planning to do a semester exchange program or an internship in any of these countries, do not worry about finding accommodation.

We have got you covered.

In Colombia, we have student houses in the capital city Bogota and also in Medellin, a thriving city that is becoming increasingly popular among international students.

In Peru, we offer student accommodation in Lima, the largest city of the country. And in Mexico, we have houses in three of the most popular Mexican cities, the cosmopolitan Mexico city, the historic Puebla and the bustling Guadalajara.

Make yourself feel at home in Latin America by renting a room in our student houses in any of the major Latin American cities.

How Are These Houses Selected?

There are many international student houses in Latin America, but only a few have all the criteria you would be looking for. These are the ones that can be found on Tellanto.

Our requirements are that the houses are specifically made for students. This means that you will get to meet a lot of other students, can join the trips and parties that are organized and have a comfortable room at a good location near the universities for a very reasonable price.  Send us a message if you have any questions

Housing in Latin American Countries

Our Student Reviews

“A bright sun, blue sea, and white beaches is what you can enjoy all year long! For me this was an unforgettable experience and I would recommend it to everybody to travel to this side of the world, if you have to opportunity!”

Ruth van Willigen

Student International Business

“Thanks to Tellanto I’ve found an amazing internship at a startup in Argentina. My experience here was invaluable. I learned myself better than ever and feel more confident after exploring myself!”

Jasper van Leeuwen

Student International Business

“I have had many difficulties finding and reaching companies that I wanted to do my internship at, until I discovered Tellanto. Their website is quick and very simple to find an incredible internship company!”

Jeffrey de Graaff

Student Advanced Business Creation

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