Popular computer science internships

The demand for people with knowledge of computer science and coding is still rising. If you are specialized in one language or multiple, there is demand for you. However, which programming languages are mostly demanded by employers in 2018?

Because we deal with internships companies in Latin America on a daily basis, we know what type of coding and computer science internships are requested from companies, and where they are coming from.

8. Swift

On the 8th place we have Swift, the open-source programming language where developers can make apps for IOS and OS X. This relatively new language became very popular is a short period of time for developers, but also for internship employers.

Because Swift can be easily implemented in existing code in Objective-C and because it gives real-time feedback, developers can deliver quality in a short period of time. This results in a many companies offering an internship computer science or programming.

7. PHP

The 7th place is PHP, a server-side script language with which you can build websites dynamically. With server-side I mean that the PHP source code runs on a server and not in a browser of the user. This results in PHP being able to take data out of a database, communicate it with other servers and calculate so it can subsequently generate a code that can be shown on the webpage.

PHP is very multifunctional and for that reason a highly demanded language for coding internships in 2018. Besides the multifunctionality of PHP, it is also highly demanded by internship companies due to its compatibility with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Unix-types.

6. C#

When I say C#, you’ll probably think about .NET. C# is the most important language for the .NET-framework. That the language is quite similar to Java is no coincidence; Microsoft presented in 2001 C# as a counterpart of Java. Also, C# is object-oriented and offers developers the possibility to build desktop-, server- and mobile applications.

The ultimate software internships are usually looking for specialized C#-developers, and often offer challenging projects for interns. However, if you’re looking for a computer science internship in the summer of 2018 and you’re not looking for a software company to do your internship, there are also other companies demanding C#-developers.

5. JavaScript

That Java and Javascript are seen as the same by non-programmers is understandable. However, this is not correct. JavaScript is a script language. Whereas Java is being compiled, Javascript is directly interpreted.

If you’re looking for a coding internship in interactive web development, you got to know JavaScript. The rising demand for interns that can code in JavaScript is due to the rising demand in interactive websites.

4. C++

This programming language is a successor of the programming language C. C++ is a more object oriented language. This can be used for operating software (like Windows) and large 3D games.

In general, C++ is seen as a complicated programming language. Learning the language does require a lot of time and attention. However, it will definitely pay back when you’re trying to find a computer science internship or coding internship. Software internships are very commonly demanding this programming language. However, recent years also ICT internships demand the skill of this language.

3. C

C is developed between 1969 and 1973. Old, but definitely not useless. Even better, C is still very high on the list of mostly demanded programming languages, although the popularity of the language is decreasing.

The language requires high precision – a C-programmer needs to be knowing exactly was he’s doing. This will thus be demanded if you engage in an internship in computer science that requires C. It is used by various companies and computer science internship in 2018.

2. Python

Python is used as a script language for operating systems, mathematical and scientific software and the development of web-applications.

Since the basis of Python is relatively easy to learn, and it can be used in different applications, this language is known worldwide. Also, it is one of the most used languages. Therefore, for your programming internship, knowing Python would definitely increase the odds of being hired. Coding internships within company systems, games and web shops are becoming more available for you when you learn the Python language.

1. Java

In 1995, Java got introduced and is being ranked as the number 1 demanded programming language. Also for coding and computer science internships, Java is mostly demanded. This is not very surprising since it can be used for various purposes and can be applied to multiple platforms. Both the building of web- and desktop applications, and the development of mobile apps or embedded applications; Java won’t disappoint you.

If you’re looking for a computer science internship in 2018, we highly recommend you to sharpen your Java skills. Both nationally and internationally, this language is very popular and demanded.

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