The decision of a person to visit or not to visit a particular destination depends on the expectations and perceptions they have regarding that place. And that perception is based on a lot of different factors, like the portrayal by media, traveler’s experiences and the representation by the local people.

Medellin is one of such places that still has a lot of wrong preconceived notions about it, which stops people from visiting this city.

Medellin’s reputation

A lot of things contributed to Medellin’s bad reputation; from its history of violence and Pablo Escobar to the repeated depiction of Medellin in a bad light in various TV shows and movies. These depictions, plant an inaccurate picture of the city in the minds of people who have actually never visited Medellin.

Though the city has tried immensely hard to get rid of the degraded image and even has succeeded in a great way in doing so, many people are still quite apprehensive and scared of visiting the city.

However, the fact that the city has been able to achieve so many recognitions despite the apprehensions, tells us so much about the drive and determination of the people and the government to put Medellin on the map again in a good light.

And their endeavors have surely paid off. The city is no more in the top 50 violent cities in the world. The level of security has improved a lot in the past two decades. Although many neighborhoods are safe, it’s still a good idea to know beforehand what’s the best area stay at in Medellin.

How Medellin is getting safer

The government has made a lot of efforts to connect the poorer neighborhoods to the city’s central areas to increase mobility and social inclusion and provide more opportunities for them by increasing engagement with the main areas of the city.

The innovation in infrastructure with the metro system, the cable car system and the outdoor escalators have proven to be a great help to the people of Medellin.

The city has been able to make a lot of improvement and development in the poorer neighborhoods by adding several library parks, schools, and ICT infrastructure to facilitate the growth and well-being of its people. The city has been investing in increasing the police patrol presence as well.

This has led to a positive change in the previously infamous neighborhoods. The transportation has helped the poorer communities to connect to the main areas and the police and government officials to reach the secluded areas and look over the safety.

Due to these endeavors, Medellin has received numerous accolades and appreciation from all over the world.

However, like any other major thriving and growing city, there are some shady areas in Medellin as well. No city is 100 percent perfect anyway. But, we can try to focus on the positives and take proper precautions to ensure safety and improve our experience.

When you are traveling for 14 days in Colombia, don’t skip Medellin due to its bad reputation from the past.

What you should do to be safe in Medellin

Common basic precautions are always necessary, regardless of the place you are visiting.

For example, don’t go to the shady areas, do not flash your valuables in public places. Stay aware of your surroundings. It is crucial that you stay cautious in the night and in less crowded parts of the city.

That being said, you can be sure to really safely enjoy your time in Medellin. It is not as dangerous as the exaggerated negative image might lead you to believe.

It’s a small step but by knowing the prices in Medellin will save you from many lies from the seller. Especially for foreigners they tend to ask a premium price for the same product.

There’s no need to avoid going to Medellin as the amount of tourists and expats is growing every year. There are however many things you should know before moving here.

The city will continue to keep growing and transforming, and that day is not that far when it will be completely free of its negative image.

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