Studying on a Caribbean island known for its white beaches and clear blue water sounds like a dream right? Well, it’s possible! Studying in Curaçao is made possible since the University of Curaçao established several partnerships with universities from Europe! WIth comparable educational quality with the Netherlands, University of Curaçao offers a great balance between good education and great fun!

University of Curaçao’s recognition

University of Curaçao, abbreviated into UoC, belongs to the top 2 higher education universities on the island! But that’s not too difficult since there are only two universities. Although, UoC still provides quality education, since it is bound to the education system of the Netherlands. Because Curaçao belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the bachelor and master system are equal, and titles carry the same value as the titles from the Netherlands. UoC also received an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. This is a general quality framework for European and international higher education institutions. This indicates UoCs international ambitions. .

Campuses at University of Curaçao

Located in the west of Willemstad, the campus contains all faculties. The University of Curaçao is divided into School of Law, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Social Sciences and Economics, General Faculty and the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Science.

Facilities at University of Curaçao

At UoC there are various sports facilities for you to take advantage of while you study there. From local to international sports clubs, UoC is represented in soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, mini-soccer and even dominos (no, not the pizza)! UoC organizes various competitions between faculties and tournaments with high schools and other institutes. There are also various associations that you can join. These range from faculty specific associations, to student associations such as AIESEC, UNESE, UoC Toastmasters Clubs and SIAS. These associations can help you to develop valuable skills and are a great opportunity to meet new friends.

Student life in Curaçao

Here comes my favorite part for me to write about: the student life in Curaçao. As mentioned in the beginning of this article: for one who’s looking for a relaxing and crazy semester, Curaçao is the place to be! In Curaçao there are many Dutch residents who stay either long or short term, and as we all know, the Dutch know how to throw a party! Being located 65 kilometers from the Venezuelan coast, Curaçao has enough Hispanic influences which make you Margarita cocktail taste even better. Besides Hispanic, it also has that Caribbean vibe that will make the tropical beats sound even more tropical. With these two combined, you’re evening in Curaçao will be off to a good start. Later it is time for clubbing in Willemstad, and with clubbing I mean beach clubbing! Dancing until sunrise on the beach, that’s why you came to Curaçao right? We recommend you to go to Wet & Wild Beach Club! Here you can enjoy an awesome Caribbean party!

Semester exchange at University of Curaçao

After the wild parties, it is time for some study. The University of Curaçao is very international student oriented. UoC has partnerships with mainly Dutch universities like Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA), Hogeschool Rotterdam (HR), Universiteit Twente and more. Although UoC is located in the Dutch Antilles, most of the courses are given in English. You can find all the study programs here. The law program is not given in English, since it includes mainly law from the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 

Student Housing in Curacao

The University of Curaçao has its own campus where you can live at. For a little over 320 EUR a month you can live in furnished dorms in Willemstad. These are made for students who’d like to live independently and the university campus helps you with facilities where you can eat, do laundry and meet fellow students. However, if you really want to enjoy a wild and free Curaçao experience, we’d recommend you not to go here. Although this is a great option, we would recommend you to go in a well-located student house, where you can meet other students and throw a party so every now and then. We have selected a house in Curaçao where we can introduce you to. You can find the details about the rooms on student housing in Curacao.

Quick Facts

Students: 2,115 Campuses: Willemstad Course Languages: English and Dutch Website:

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