Are you entrepreneurial, innovative and do you have a global vision? Then Universidad Anahuac is the right choice for you. This private university is providing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in all kinds of programs for their over 12.000 students. Their partnership with European universities gives you a unique chance to both explore the magnificent capital of Mexico while learning all the ins and outs of management.

Universidad Anahuac’s recognition

The university has been rewarded as one of the top 3 best universities in Mexico and within the top 2% of the universities worldwide! This is such an achievement that many acknowledgments and institutional accreditations followed. One of these is the FIMPES, a federation that recognized Universidad Anahuac with “Lisa y Llana’, which is the highest accreditation status available. The recognition and the characteristics of entrepreneurship, innovation and a global vision are felt throughout the community and are a representation of what kind of careers the students will pursue. Approximately 70% of the alumni occupies a managerial or executive position while 40% owns or is a partner in a business.

Campuses at Universidad Anahuac in Mexico City

Anahuac University is located in Mexico City where it has two different campuses. The first one is the South Campus which has extensive facilities full of gardens and with an amazing view of Mexico City. The North Campus has a surface of 220,000 m2 and a modern architectural design with many green areas. The whole campus is connected to the internet so you’re free to lay in the grass with your laptop watching Netflix wherever you like.

Facilities at Universidad Anahuac

With an investment of $54 million USD, the university is able to provide all the facilities you need as an exchange student to both learn and to have fun. The large campus area provides five cafeterias, six auditoriums, one chapel, one exposition center, 175 classrooms, 27 laboratories, 21 workshops, and 18 computer labs. There are also many sports activities for you to participate in for which the facilities are top-notch. It’s not just basketball, there is much more such as volleyball, tennis, padel, soccer, indoors, and football courts.

Those facilities are not necessarily the ones you will enjoy the most. Universidad Anahuac strongly supports student groups to create an awesome environment. That’s what makes this university so interesting. It’s the students that are actively making it the best experience you can wish for.

Student life in Mexico City

If you decide to spend your semester exchange in Mexico City then there is no doubt you will have a blast. The vibrant city has everything to offer that you can possibly wish for and more. With a population of 8.8 million, it’s truly a city that never sleeps. The stores are 24/7 open, there’s always a taxi ready and there are always people around. The city has grown so much over the last decades that it’s basically becoming larger than its state.

The many touristic places in Mexico City offer you lifetime of sights to visit. This has attracted many internationals to come ‘visit’ the city for either an internship or a semester exchange. But this often lasts longer than many initially expected. There’s a saying about Mexico that many come visit the country, but only a few are leaving. The incredible culture, weekends full of parties and of course the delicious food is for many people a reason to come back!

Semester exchange at Universidad Anahuac

Due to its international recognition, Anahuac University has more than 125 signed agreements with other universities around the world. When you enroll for an exchange program at Anahuac you will be studying full time for a period of 1 or 2 semesters. Luckily you will not be required to pay the tuition with prices going up to 9,200 EUR for Undergraduates and 14,700 for Postgraduates. This is incredibly high for a country with an average income of 800 EUR per month, while all the prices of private universities in countries like Mexico are this high. To enroll yourself you will first need to have a look at the requirements for international students.

Prior to your arrival you will need to enroll for between 3 and 9 courses. This will depend on your home university. The courses can be selected from the Course Manual and generally you are free to select the courses you like the most, as long as they remain in your field study. Many universities provide a certain Buddy Program. This is where you get connected to a Mexican student who is willing to make sure that you will feel at home as soon as possible. Feel free to ask where you can find the best tacos, what courses not to take (you can probably still change in the first few weeks) or at what time the pool party starts. To enroll in this Buddy Program or for more information you should go to the website of Universidad Anahuac.

Are you ready? Have a look at the Study Abroad & Exchange Student Application Form for Universidad Anahuac.

Student Housing in Mexico City

A great benefit of coming from Europe to Mexico City is that the cost of living is cheaper than you might be used to. This helps you a lot with finding a nice accommodation. Although it’s one of the most amazing cities, you can easily get lost when surfing the internet for a nice place to live. It’s especially hard if you cannot even see the room before your arrival. Therefore we always recommend to first book an Airbnb, or something similar, for the first week while you go meet up with landlords to visit the house. To make your experience the best it’s not only important to have a nice room, but also to live in with awesome international students. This gives you the feeling of a new family with whom you are going to explore the new world Mexico City has to offer you.

At we have a lot of experience with students going to Mexico City. We carefully listen to their do’s and don’ts and have been to Mexico ourselves. This all to help you with an amazing time abroad. Based on their feedback has selected the best international student houses for you to live at. The criteria we demanded are a safe neighborhood, English landlord, living with international and national students, a private bedroom with a large bed and at a great location to go out and to go to a university. Have a look yourself at the best student houses listed in Mexico.

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Student Housing in


Our Student Reviews

“I was very happy the 4 months I lived in this place, I felt very welcome and all the people who work there made me feel at home!. The events and even the details they had made me spend the best moments of my Semester!, I’m gonna miss you guys! I hope to see you soon and I’m sure it’s the best place to live!”

Andrea Gonzales

International student

“After this semester I only have good things left to say about it. It’s the ideal place to study, be comfortable and make good friends. In addition, the facilities, staff and events are of the best quality possible so I recommend it without any doubt.”

Pablo Saa

International student

“Living is the house in Puebla. I honestly believe there’s no better place for my son to live here while he’s studying. Thanks to Tellanto and for all their familiarity and affection. The team is great with no exceptions.”

Gregory Bryant

Father of foreign student

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