A semester exchange at the state of the art University de Los Andes in Bogotá in Colombia is for many European students an opportunity to have an incredible time in a lively city while still studying at a well-recognized university abroad. Every semester approximately 200 international students pack their bags and kiss their mommy goodbye to study at the best university in Colombia. With graduate and undergraduate courses in many different business fields and a great network of more than 199 universities in 34 countries worldwide is Universidad de los Andes giving you a chance to enroll for the best semester of your life. The only question is, when are you taking it?

Universidad de los Andes’ recognition

As we have bragged about it a little already, there is a lot the university is being recognized for. Being ranked on the 8th position on best universities in Latin America and the only private university in Colombia with a Colombian National Education Ministry Quality Accreditation renewed for 10 years there is no doubt this would be your best option. The aim for Universidad de los Andes, or commonly known as Uniandes, is to provide highly skilled, knowledgeable and prestigious faculty facilities to all its national and international students. Doesn’t that sound beautiful?

Campuses of Universidad de los Andes

The campus is located in the center of Bogotá and covers an area of 50,000 square meters of green space and woodland. The location in the historical center provides a nice area for the students with many city’s buildings of culture, universities, banks and companies. There’s no need to travel large distances from your accommodation to the university since there is enough amazing student housing in Bogota.

Facilities at Universidad de los Andes

The campus is equipped with all the facilities for you to enhance your study program and for you to feel comfortable and happy to be part of the community of Universidad de los Andes On campus you can find more than 166 classrooms, 219 laboratories, multiple libraries, a sport center with Olympic swimming pool and 45 other sports to participate in. And that’s not it, there are a central cafeteria and many other food stations, gym with a sports facility, health services and enough rest areas for you to drink your Colombian coffee. Universities in Latin America can often be compared to the campuses of many large companies around the world where it’s not only about working, but also about feeling part of a community and a lifestyle. Like the famous Google office for example.

Student life at Universidad de Los Andes

Studying abroad is a unique and unforgettable experience for every European student. Especially a month in Bogotá is going to rock your world. The city is incredibly vibrant and culturally diverse. It has been known as an upcoming city in Latin America with lots of growth potential. With more than 100,000 companies and a ranking by Fortune magazine as one of the top 15 new cities in the world to do business at, is Bogotá the city where you will experience a city transforming to a global hotspot.

By going to Bogotá you become part of the well-connected community of expats. It’s a very special feeling to explore the beautiful culture, incredible nightlife and to go on adventures together with other international students. The city provides a home to more than 8 million people and has enough amazing places to visit, in and around the city. Read more about the city Bogotá in Colombia.

Semester exchange at Universidad de los Andes

If you would like to study at the university you can undertake courses in either business management, architecture and design, art and humanities, sciences, law, economy, engineering and many more. The degrees consist from undergraduate to Master and Ph.D. programs. Prior to your arrival, you will have to enroll for the courses you like. This could vary up to 6 courses, but keep in mind that you will only have the first week of the program to change courses. For a complete guide you should have a look at the following document on everything you should know about Universidad de los Andes (English).


Student Housing in Bogota

Going abroad requires you to arrange several things before your departure. Some easier than others, but eventually you will have everything done perfectly fine. One of these is housing, an important factor in the fun equation. Not only your room is important, but also the house in total and the people you’re living with will make your experience in Bogotá incredible.

Universidad de los Andes offers lodging to all the international students with their two houses. One is a 26 story tower right in front of the university and has 628 rooms mostly shared with 4 or 2 peers. It would also be possible to rent an individual room, but this is more expensive at a price of 2,983 USD per semester. The two-fold room is 2,283 USD per semester. The other house is located 25 minutes away from the university and 80 rooms at a price ranging from 1,833 USD for an individual room and 825 USD for a room shared with 4 peers. These are prices that you shouldn’t pay in Bogotá.

Tellanto has a lot of experience with students going to Bogotá who shared their stories. We know all the good locations you could live with international and local students, comfortable rooms and close to Universidad de los Andes. We have preselected the best student houses for European students and are trusted by many others who have used our free recommendations before. Have a look at our trusted student houses and find your ticket to an amazing time!

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