Universidad Iberoamericana, or better known as IBERO, is a highly acknowledged private university in Mexico City. It’s one of Mexico’s first private university and the oldest Jesuit university. Located in Mexico’s capital, a semester exchange at IBERO will be everything you have not dared to dream of: Salsa, partying, great weather and a warm culture!

IBERO’s recognition

IBERO is seen as a top private university and widely known for the high quality of study programs. The university is recognized as having an international-grade level of excellence and received a price in 2009 for being the best private university of Mexico!

IBERO scores high on the employer reputation. Alumni from IBERO find relatively easy a reputable job right after their graduation. Besides employer reputation, IBERO is also known for its academic reputation. Their research output is often cited by other academics, which makes them more significant in the academic world.

Campuses of IBERO

The main campus of IBERO is in Mexico City. This main campus is subdivided into 19 different academic departments. These are ranging from Economics, to Chemical Engineering, to Health, to Law, to History and the list goes on. I’d recommend checking the website of IBERO to see if your field of interest is given at the university (which is very likely with 19 departments)!

Check out the video below to see more about what IBERO’s campus has to offer!

Facilities at IBERO

One of Mexico’s largest libraries is located at the main campus of IBERO. This library holds more than 400,000 books and journals! If you’re a law student who likes reading, you’re lucky! The university has the largest law library of Mexico!

At IBERO you can enjoy many sports facilities. The campus provides classes (but not limited to) in Spinning, Tennis, Kickboxing, Yoga, Soccer, Zumba and even Capoeira! There must be something that will keep you fit despite all the Mexican beers!

Something that makes this university unique, is the Clavius Astronomical Center. IBERO has its own astronomical observatory! For the ones intrigued by the beauty of the universe, this is your place! And for the ones trying to score an amazing date, I’d recommend this one too!

Student life in Mexico City

Mexico City is perfect for the student life. Its perfect location in Mexico offers the opportunity to see many other cities like Guadalajara and Puebla. Also, which are more close by, you get to see Cholula, Taxco or Valle de Bravo. These are smaller towns located around Mexico City. Perfect for a weekend trip.

The nightlife in Mexico City offers many different options. From dancing the Salsa with an old lady, to boat parties, to the famous American house parties. Mexico City has it all. No matter which party you go to, pre-drinks are very popular in Mexico. In order to avoid traffic, the ‘fiesta’s’ could already start at 5 pm on Thursday or Friday. Yes, Thursday also! It’s very common to party already on Thursday as it is also known as the ‘little Friday’. One very important tip we can give you, is dance! If you’re not really a dancer, then you should definitely become one, as it’s part of the Mexican culture and it will make your evenings out a lot better.

Semester exchange at IBERO

IBERO has many ties with European universities. This means that no tuition fee is required when doing a semester exchange at IBERO, even though it is a private university! This is a great opportunity since the university is very well recognized.

A semester exchange in Mexico City at IBERO is a once in a lifetime opportunity! But don’t just take it from us. Check out these testimonials form exchange student at IBERO!




Student Housing in Medellín

IBERO offers to help you with their network of hosting families to live at. The advantage of this is that you don’t live alone, and you almost always live with Mexican families. This will help you to learn the culture and with recommendations for the most amazing trips

However, Mexico also offers affordable student housing with other international students! We have preselected houses from student organizations that are reliable and will help you with having an amazing time in Mexico City!

Quick Facts


Mexico City (main), Guadalajara, León, Torreón and Puebla

Course Languages:
Spanish and English

World Ranking:

LatAm Ranking:


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