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Universidad de La Sabana

Universidad de La Sabana

La Universidad de La Sabana in Colombia is with almost 12.000 students and a vast variety of courses definitely a university you should consider for your semester exchange in Latin America. Their focus on internationalization and leadership has resulted in over 90 agreements with other universities abroad, so there’s a high chance you will get to go here for free.

UoC, University of Curaçao

UoC, University of Curaçao

Studying on a Caribbean island known for its white beaches and clear blue water sounds like a dream right? Well, it’s possible! Studying in Curaçao is made possible since the University of Curaçao established several partnerships with universities from Europe!

Universities in Colombia, Mexico and Peru

Read through the article of each university and learn from a European student’s personal experience. Get to know what a semester exchange abroad is like, learn about the city and even the best housing options. For each university, there is a European student that is more than happy to answer all your questions. Just send a message.

Why Study Abroad in Latin America?

My experience in studying in Mexico two years ago is the whole reason I started Tellanto. This experience was so meaningful to me, that I wanted to help other students with this opportunity. To study abroad is an amazing experience since you learn to think and study in a different perspective, while you are able to have a great amount of fun by partying and traveling in Latin America!

Stijn Wollerich, Co-Founder of Tellanto

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