Planning For Your Intern Program

Set-up your account
First of all, Tellanto is a platform rather than an intermediary. This means that we provide you with a platform where you can post vacancies and receive student applicants for the internship. No costs are involved.

By going to your profile, you can enter the details about the company followed by a section where you can explain the internship position and details. If you click here, you can have a great overview of how you can optimize the application process!

If an intern applies to your vacancy, you will find a link to their profile in your email. In this link you can see, if you log in, the contact information and skills of the intern as well as their CV.

Once students have applied
When a student contacts you to apply, you will receive a notification in your email. It is important for both the application process as well as for the student that these messages are replied as soon as possible. Therefore, you have 7 days to respond, otherwise we will have to deactivate your account.
The internship period
Most commonly, interns are students that have to gain work experience for a certain period to complete their study. Usually this period is around five months. Although the minimum of the most students is five months, this could be a little longer, but only if the student is not obligated to go back the university after the internship to continue their study. This can be discussed with the student.
Graduation vs. workplacement internship

Some students are looking for an internship where they can graduate. This means that they will have to write a thesis. Other students are just looking for a company to gain experience, without having to do extensive assignments from their university during the internship.

Compensating students
Compensating students for their work and value to your company is not obligatory. However, to receive the best candidates and make their living abroad a little more comfortable, we do recommend to provide them with compensation ranging from 200 to 600 USD. Of course, this can be negotiated with the student. The flight and accommodation are usually not provided as compensation for the student.
Agreement and contract
Students often are doing an internship while enrolled at a university. This means that they use an agreement made by their university. Many universities also include a confidentiality clause. If this is not provided in the agreement from the student’s university, we recommend you to sign this separately with the student.
Visa requirements
The might need a visa to do an internship in your country. Some countries therefore require the company to help the student with requesting the visa. Our advice is to check this with the student and maybe with the embassy of the Netherlands in your country.
Valuable tips
  • Share your Tellanto vacancy on social media! People love the fact that you are providing an opportunity for students.
  • Show that you are looking for/having an intern through Tellanto. It shows the social responsibility and boosts the company’s public image. Click here to share!
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