Refer a Friend

Do you know someone who needs awesome student housing in Medellín?
Let us know so we can help him or her, and earn some money yourself!

Earn €25 per student

For every student you recommend, that eventually finds housing at Tellanto, you receive €25. Help your friends or classmates, while earning money yourself!

Tell your friends about us!

You can refer anyone you want within your network. Tell your friends, classmates or family about us if they are considering to study or do an internship abroad in Medellin.

Just send it through WhatsApp

It works easy; just send us the name and WhatsApp number of the student that is looking for a place abroad through WhatsApp, and we’ll let you know when the renting agreement is signed. When that’s confirmed, you receive €25. There’s is no maximum on how much you can earn.

How It Works

In three simple steps you can earn money by referring students

1. Send us the number

Send us the number through WhatsApp to: +31683985404. We will bring the student in touch with the landlord.

2. Student meets the house

If the students likes the place, an agreement will be made.

3. We confirm and pay you

We’ll let you know about the agreement and transfer you the money within 7 days.

Refer Someone Right Away!

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