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There is enough to experience in Puebla since it’s close to Mexico City and from the mayor cities it’s closest to the coast. Puebla is known for the many students coming from all over Mexico and the world to study at one of the prestigious universities, such as BUAP, UDLAP and Tec de Monterrey. For this reason, there are many student houses to explore that will give you an amazing time abroad!


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Advantages of Tellanto    Well located

Advantages of Tellanto    Allows privacy

Advantages of Tellanto    Affordable

Advantages of Tellanto    Reliable

Advantages of Tellanto    Sociable

Advantages of Tellanto    Good for study

Students that have been in Medellín

The best of the best !
One of the houses on Tellanto in Puebla was my home for about 3 semesters ! They were like a family to me! Best memories and people. Thank you all my friends from Puebla! You are great guys and I already miss all of you !


Student from Germany

The rooms are spacious and the living room and kitchen are perfect for parties, cooking together and chilling out. After 4 days I already felt like I have lived with these people for a long time. Best conditions for a great time in Puebla (Cholula), Mexico! Anne

Student from the Netherlands



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Studied at UDLAP
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