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Located on the beautiful Island in the Caribbean Curacao, Willemstad is the true place to be when you want to combine an relaxing and tropical time with study or work. The island is known for its white beaches and clear blue water. Great housing in Willemstad, Curacao can thus really be an added value if you want to take the relaxing part to the extreme!


Close to business districts, universities and the nightlife of Medellin!


Have your own room, while sharing a living room

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Live with international students and students from Medellin

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The same price as the landlord. You never pay us.

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Advantages of Tellanto    Well located

Advantages of Tellanto    Allows privacy

Advantages of Tellanto    Affordable

Advantages of Tellanto    Reliable

Advantages of Tellanto    Sociable

Advantages of Tellanto    Good for study

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