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International students going to Mexico for a semester exchange or an internship is nothing new. Although, it’s getting more and more popular and the reason is straightforward. Mexico has a culture that’s very welcoming to foreign students and the cost of living makes it attractive as a destination abroad. If you think about Mexico you will certainly think about sombreros, Mariachi, the Mayan culture and of course Tequila. These are all very common and you will definitely experience these. The rich culture full of music, food and lovely open people is by many international students the reason to fly all the way from Europe to Mexico.

Mexico is the second largest country in Latin America and home to more than 127 million people. Because of its geographic location and its size many students take the opportunity to explore the main cities such as Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey or Puebla. The Latin American country is also great for traveling. The nature is incredible with waterfalls, wales spotting, tortoise water and much more.

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House Mariachi Puebla

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About Mexico

Semester Exchange or Internship in Mexico

A semester Exchange or an Internship is a great excuse to go to Mexico for a semester. There are many high-quality universities with partnerships in Europe and anywhere else in the world. Most universities are very internationalized and have courses in both Spanish and English that you are free to enroll for. In every main city you can find a university for a semester exchange. Popular universities in Mexico for international students are UNAM in Mexico City, Tecnológico de Monterrey with 31 campuses across Mexico, Universidad UDLAP and BUAP in Puebla and Universidad de Guadalajara.

Mexico’s business is booming. The second largest economy in Latin America is home to many international and local businesses that are eager to work with an intern from Europe. Especially the capital Mexico City is a popular destination for international students because of its opportunities, amazing city life and international environment. Find your internship.

Rent an international student room

Finding a student house in Mexico can be a daunting task, but there is nothing more important for your experience abroad than living in your perfect environment. Student rooms are provided by communities of international students from all over the world. This will help you with making friends, having parties and finding your way around instantly. ‘Mi casa es tu casa’.

The cost of living varies between the cities in Mexico and in what areas you live. Monterrey is known as the most expensive city in Mexico, followed by Mexico City, Cancun, Guadalajara and a few numbers later Puebla. To give you a comparison, Mexico City is 43% cheaper than Berlin and 54% cheaper than Amsterdam. In the supermarket would 0,5 liter of domestic beer cost €0.90, a basic lunch around €6 and a monthly ticket for public transport €19. When you spend your budget consciously there will probably be enough to go on trips with your new friends.

Prepare for Mexico

UDEM, Universidad de Monterrey

UDEM is one of the private universities located in Monterrey, Mexico. The city that attracts students from all over the world to enjoy the fiesta’s, the warm people and the beautiful nature around the city. With almost 100 study programs, UDEM provides quality education to over 11,000 talented students.

Our Student Reviews

“I was very happy the 4 months I lived in this place, I felt very welcome and all the people who work there made me feel at home!. The events and even the details they had made me spend the best moments of my Semester!, I’m gonna miss you guys! I hope to see you soon and I’m sure it’s the best place to live!”

Andrea Gonzales

International student

“After this semester I only have good things left to say about it. It’s the ideal place to study, be comfortable and make good friends. In addition, the facilities, staff and events are of the best quality possible so I recommend it without any doubt.”

Pablo Saa

International student

“Living is the house in Puebla. I honestly believe there’s no better place for my son to live here while he’s studying. Thanks to Tellanto and for all their familiarity and affection. The team is great with no exceptions.”

Gregory Bryant

Father of foreign student

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