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Hause Lima

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San Miguel

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Casa LimaPeru

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About Lima

Rent a Student Room in Lima

We at Tellanto aim to bring together the international students in Lima so they can have a great time studying and doing an internship abroad.

If you prefer living with other international students while maintaining your privacy, within a reasonable budget, then opting for a student room in a safe and shared student house would be a convenient choice for you.

You can hang out with your friends in common areas like the living room, terrace, and the balcony. On the other hand, you can easily avail your peaceful study spot in your private bedroom. You also won’t have to worry about staying connected as you will always get access to reliable wifi in the student housing. With fully furnished rooms, coupled with all the essential amenities and the company of energetic international students, you will surely enjoy your time in a shared student house in Lima.

Send us a message so that we can connect you with the landlord.

Semester Exchange or Internship in Lima

Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia are among the top-ranked universities in Peru as well as in the whole of Latin America.

The city is an important financial center in the country. Many foreign companies have a good presence in Lima leading to many internship opportunities for students.

Best Neighborhoods in Lima for International students

Miraflores is considered as the trendiest neighborhood in Lima. The ocean views, the safety, the wide range of restaurants, bars, shopping places, and nightclubs contribute to the popularity of this neighborhood. Our student housing, Casa Lima Peru is situated near Miraflores, so you will be able to meet many international students and easily make new friends here.

San Isidro is another upscale neighborhood in the city and is also known as the financial district of Lima. Staying in this neighborhood would be really convenient if you do an internship in Lima, as this neighborhood consists of many banks and corporate offices. It also has many high-end hotels, restaurants, shopping places, and nightclubs.

A quieter residential neighborhood, San Miguel is also popular with many international students in Lima. This neighborhood is quite close to various universities like Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Universidad del Pacífico and Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. By renting a room in Casa San Miguel, you will be able to stay near your university. As a result, you can cut down your transportation expenses to a huge extent and also save a lot of time.

About Lima in Peru

Make the experience of your stay in Lima even more exciting by renting an international student room. Live among international students, enjoy the comforts of the house and have a great time.

The most popular districts in the city are Miraflores, San Isidro, and Barranco. Stay close to the most happening spots in the city in a fun, engaging and safe environment at your international student house.

Our Student Reviews

“The help was great! Thanks Stijn and Ruben for your help”

Michelle Schumaker

German Student

“The room I stayed in at the beginning was not what I had expected. Then I got in contact with Stijn and he helped me find something else. This was pretty fast and a nice house. I can recommend it to other foreign students”

Susan Mitchell

International student

“I’m happy to write a review for your website. You helped me a lot at the beginning with finding a room and to get to know some other people. Thanks again.”

Johnny Wynn

International Student

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