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Housing Estudiantes

 5-8 Rooms

 Starting from €165,-

 8 reviews

Casa de Diviertas

 6 Rooms

 Starting from €110,-

 2 reviews

House of Cuadros

 11 Rooms

 Starting from €110,-

 1 reviews

Casa Chapultepec

 8 Rooms

 Starting from €120,-

 18 reviews

House of Cuadros

Casa Chapultapec

Casa de Diviertas

Housing Estudiantes

Rent a Room in Guadalajara

Tellanto aims to make your experience in Guadalajara as rewarding as possible. And that’s why we have selected houses especially dedicated to international students so they can easily settle in Guadalajara without feeling too overwhelmed.

The students can feel at home right away as these student houses come equipped with all the essential amenities and furniture. A shared student house provides you with the option of mingling with other international students while keeping your personal space intact with your private bedroom. All the rooms are everything you need, with often a double bed and a private bathroom. And, with a common kitchen, the students can conveniently make their own food and cut down the costs of eating out.

Due to the proximity of these student houses to various entertainment options, you will always have something new to try with your friends. We at Tellanto, are just a text away if you need any more assistance in finding a student room.

Semester Exchange or Internship in Mexico

Universidad de Guadalajara, Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, and ITESO are among of the most popular universities in the city and welcome international students from all over the world for a very interesting study abroad experience.

The city is considered as an important business center of Mexico and is quite popularly known as the Silicon Valley of the country. The establishment of numerous international companies in the city has led to a massive increase in job and internship opportunities for students.

Best Neighborhoods in Guadalajara for International students

The neighborhoods Chapultepec, Providencia and Zapopan are very popular among international students in Guadalajara.

Providencia is an upscale neighborhood that offers a wide range of entertainment options including many malls, multi-cuisine restaurants, movie theatres, bars and more.

Chapultepec is a lively neighborhood that is always bustling with events like concerts, dance performances, and weekly markets. This neighborhood also provides easy access to the Universidad de Guadalajara. Since this neighborhood is a hotspot for various entertainment options and is very popular among international students, we have three student houses in Chapultepec: Casa Chapultepec, House de Cuadros and Casa de Diviertas. You can go through the details of each house on our housing page and easily book a student room of your choice.

With large malls, dozens of trendy bars and restaurants, Zapopan is another sought after neighborhood in Guadalajara. This neighborhood is home to the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara and is also quite close to the Guadalajara campus of Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Staying in these neighborhoods will allow you to have a great study abroad experience. You can also find many internship opportunities in Guadalajara. This city is popularly known as the Mexican Silicon Valley and many big multinational companies have their offices in this city. Check out our student housing pages to find a suitable student room in Guadalajara.

Living Guadalajara Mexico

Undoubtedly, the experience of living in one of the most vibrant cities in Mexico is absolutely amazing. Guadalajara provides a wonderful combination of rich traditions and modern comforts.

On one hand, you will find beautiful colonial buildings, plenty of delicious Mexican food and on the other, you have many high rise buildings, luxury hotels, and fancy multi-cuisine restaurants in the city. The diversity of the city guarantees an unforgettable study abroad experience for a student.

Our Student Reviews

“There’s nothing I want more than going back to gdl. The house I stayed at was really cool, nice people and we had fun events”

Ana Spieler

Student from Germany

“Thanks a lot. All the people around me made my stay super awesome.”

Daniel Torres

International student

“Thank you for helping with my house. Really cool that you guys helps everyone broaden their horizon. Of course the other exchange students made my stay. Different groups organized parties, trips and dinners where you tried each others home food. Definitely recommended”

Mateo Carlos

Student International Business

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