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Colombia is mostly known as the country that used to be dominated by Pablo Escobar’s cartel, while there’s actually a lot more to it. Although the country used to be not so student friendly is now welcoming more and more international students.

The locals are very proud to see foreigners visiting their country. It’s a sign of progress. Especially Medellin has evolved over the years and was recently named the most innovative city in the world, beating cities like New York and Tel Aviv. This attracts more companies and universities to be looking for international students for an internship or a semester exchange. New international student houses are designed and build with more and more rooms to rent out. We have personally selected and visited the student houses in Colombia to provide you with high-quality houses for a reasonable price, friendly landlord and on a central location close to universities.

Casa Poblado Alto

House of Success

Casa Rosales

Casa the Center

Casa Patio Bonito

Casa Aguacatala

Casa La Palma

Casa Saigama

Casa Residencia

Semester Exchange or Internship in Colombia

When you are going abroad to Colombia it could either be to a university for a semester exchange or to a company for an internship. The different universities are spread out over the city with for example Universidad EAFIT in the south, Universidad de Antioquia in the north and Pontifical Bolivarian University in the center.

Therefore it’s important that you use the city map below with the houses pinpointed in red, so you can live close to your university. For an internship you are likely to be working in Poblado, located in the south of the city. This is the safest area where you will find most businesses as well as the touristic places and the nightlife.

Rent an international student room

Renting a student room in Colombia does not have to be expensive. If you would like to live in the safest neighborhoods such as Poblado or Laureles in Medellin you will pay a little more. For €175 you will have a decent room with double bed and a shared bathroom.If you would like to have your own bathroom and the largest room in the house you should expect to pay a monthly rent of around €280.

Your total cost of living in Colombia will be lower than you are used to. A general benchmark used for the costs is that it’s around three times cheaper than the USA and Europe. So does a local beer in the supermarket cost around €0,78 for 0,5 liter and a monthly ticket for the public transport €33.

Prepare for Colombia

Universidad de La Sabana

La Universidad de La Sabana in Colombia is with almost 12.000 students and a vast variety of courses definitely a university you should consider for your semester exchange in Latin America. Their focus on internationalization and leadership has resulted in over 90 agreements with other universities abroad, so there’s a high chance you will get to go here for free.

Uniandes, Universidad de Los Andes

A semester exchange at the state of the art University de Los Andes in Bogotá in Colombia is for many European students an opportunity to have an incredible time in a lively city while still studying at a well-recognized university abroad. Every semester approximately 200 international students pack their bags and kiss their mommy goodbye to study at the best university in Colombia.

Universidad de Antioquia

Universidad de Antioquia, also called UdeA, is the oldest public university of Colombia and currently home to more than 37,000 national and international students. The university located all over Colombia received many credits from the Ministry of Education and positions itself as the top academic education you can find.

Our Student Reviews

“Colombia is beautiful. The nature is great and the city very very warm and celebrating! Everybody smiles and is friendly!”

Rianne de Zeeuw

Did an internship in Bogotá

“Colombia is thé place to be. It is developing economically and the people are awesome! Definately worth a visit to see the beauty of this country.”

Rick de Zwaan

Did a semester exchange in Medellin

“Amazing place! Very special to see how the country is developing and how it attracts so many new people! The nature is also stunning!”

Kaylee Goes

Did an internship in Medellin

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