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Boy oh boy, you’re in for a ride. Bogota is an amazing city to live a semester abroad at. The capital of Colombia is one of the biggest cities in Latin America with a population of over 8 million. There’re always things to do, something to discover or a bars to get drunk at.

In Bogota it might be a little daunting to find international student housing. The crowded city in an unfamiliar country make it hard to find fun, affordable student housing at the right location. Tellanto helps you find these houses for you to make life a little easier. Tellanto is completely free so apply as much as you like.

Student accommodation in Bogota

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About Bogota

Semester Exchange or Internship in Bogota

Bogota is very rich in universities that international students can enroll for. So it’s no surprise that the community of foreign students is quite large.

The top universities in Bogota are Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia among many others. They offer semester exchanges for international students to learn Spanish or study abroad for 5 months.

Since Bogota is the capital of Colombia, there are many companies located here eager to work with an international intern. This can be at a Colombian company or at an international organization.

Tellanto can help you find housing in any region of the city. Close to universities or closer to your internship. Let’s get in touch.

Best Neighborhoods in Bogota for students

There is no shortage of entertainment options in Bogota, the bustling capital of Colombia. Zona Rosa is the best place to experience Bogota’s thriving nightlife. This neighborhood is very popular among study abroad students. Filled with trendy cafes, multi-cuisine restaurants and bars.

Chapinero is another attractive neighborhood in Bogota. Chapinero is home to many popular Colombian universities and is quite close to the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. This neighborhood also provides easy access to the financial district of Bogota, making it the perfect area for someone intending to do an internship in Bogota.

Another popular neighborhood for international students is Chico. This lively neighborhood consists of many parks, fancy hotels, restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Our Student Reviews

Bogota is one of my favorite cities. It’s crowded and the traffic is a pain in the ass, but it’s always good fun with all the international students.

Pamela Obrien

International Business in the USA

Awesome experience to live abroad in Colombia! I had a great time living here.

Evan Horten

International student

Sad to leave Colombia again! There is sooo much to travel to, especially the beach is something I really recommend to go to!

Sofie Appeldoorn

Dutch student

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