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For international students, Argentina is a perfect country in Latin America for a semester exchange or an internship. The rich culture has many aspects to experience as a foreign student. Argentina is crazy about their soccer, smelly grills, dancing the tango and of course the huge Andes mountain. But there is more, the nightlife in Buenos Aires is incredible, there are the Iguazu waterfalls, white beaches and delicious wines and steaks. Every international student will get sucked into the hype and easily become part of the community.

The national language of Argentina is Spanish and therefore an opportunity for international students to live in a student house with native Spanish speakers. Argentina is also a great country to travel in with its variety of nature and biodiversity, it’s known as one of the safest countries in Latin America, and the temperature is generally nice.

Semester Exchange or Internship in Argentina

More and more international students are exploring Argentina while doing a semester exchange at one of the remarkable high-quality universities or at a local or international company. Buenos Aires is ranked as the best student city in Latin America with universities such as Universidad de Buenos Aires, Universidad Austral, UCA and Universidad de Belgrano. Other great cities for international students to do a semester exchange at are Rosario and Ushuaia.

There are enough opportunities to do an internship in Argentina. Many international companies are looking for talented students that are willing to go the extra mile. Buenos Aires is the most popular city in Argentina to do an internship and is likely to also be the most fun city since most of the semester exchange students are located here as well.

Cost of Living in Argentina

Finding a furnished room in an international student house in Argentina may seem as an impossible task. However, there are plenty of options available that come with a double sized bed in a large room, English speaking landlord, in a safe neighbourhood, a good price and with enough international and Argentinian roommates to make friends with.

The cost of living in Argentina is generally lower than most countries in Europe. Although Buenos Aires is the most expensive city in Argentina, it still has a lower cost of living. To compare, Buenos Aires is 54% cheaper than Amsterdam and 41% cheaper than Barcelona. In the supermarket in Buenos Aires would 500 grams of chicken cost you €2,08, a domestic bottle of 0,5 liter beer €1,06 and a bottle of good quality wine €4,94. A monthly public transport would be €14 and an apartment in a nice area more than €500.

Our Student Argentina

“I met amazing people in Buenos Aires. The place is very dynamic and the nature outside the city is also very beautiful!”
Kelsey Larsson

Volunteered in Buenos Aires

“Great city for young people. It’s very vibrant and beautiful, and the people are very nice too.”
Angel Kerr

Did an internship in Buenos Aires

“It feels like this city is made for students! Great nightlife, great architecture and great people! It’s a place I could live for the rest of my life!”
Joël Berendsen

Did a semester exchange in Buenos Aires

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