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How we help students


We believe in transparent communication with students and universities. Our goal is to help students, not to let them pay fortunes.

The numbers on the right show how many students have been helped so far by us. You can help us to improve this number and thus help the students.

No Intermediary

The reason Tellanto was born, is because we believe that students shouldn’t pay for their internship. We do not charge students for the use of our platform.

We provide the necessary information for a student to apply by acquiring and educating companies about students and an internship.

A Different Vision

Whereas many expensive intermediaries earn money on the connection, we are there to provide all the tools and support to help the student with their time abroad. It goes beyond the connection.

We will help students with reliable and safe accomodation, booking their flight and connecting with other students.

Some of the Latin-American companies on our platform

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Who we are

We founded Tellanto as two brothers who both recently graduated from Avans Hogeschool in Breda, the Netherlands. We know how hard it is to find an internship that changes and opens up your life without having to pay hunderds of euros for mediation.

We also know how valuable an internship abroad is. We know how much intercultural competencies you gain in a country that is different from where you are coming from.


Stijn Wollerich and Ruben Wollerich

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