Medellin Football Derby

There’s nothing more exciting than the Medellin football derby. As a group of die-hard supporters we cheered the full 90 minutes. Here are the pictures.

El peñol

Finca Weekend 2019

A finca weekend in Colombia is all about partying and relaxing with your friends. We had a great expierence together!


Farewell Party 2019

To celebrate the great semester we had an amazing farewell party at one of the Tellanto houses. It’s sad to see everyone leave, but luckily we got pictures.

Santa Elena, Medellin

day trip: Feria de las FLores

To celebrate the 10-day event Feria de las Flores in Medellin, Tellanto went to a small town called Santa Elena. Known for making the Silletas for the parade.


Colombian Poker tournament

Everyone was dressed up as a Colombian poker player including suits, hats, sunglasses and the strongest poker faces you’ll ever see.


Fancy Colombian Dinner

As the big Colombian family we are, the whole Tellanto group came together to enjoy a delicious Colombian meal, meet the new people and have some fun.


Beer tasting event

With Casa Tellanto Jaguar we did a Colombian beer tasting event to see which local beer deserves the well-known Golden Buzzer.


Venezuelan Arepa Dinner

Katherine, our beloved cleaning lady, thought us how to prepare delicious Venezuelan Arepas the old-school way. You should have been there.

Breda, The Netherlands

Meetup: Latin america Talk

In 2018 Tellanto had organized a meetup for students in the Netherlands to prepare themselves to go to Latin America.


Welcome Party 2019-2

All Tellanto houses came together to the new house in Laureles to celebrate the new semester and welcome the new people.


Jesus Dulce Mio Fiesta

Together with all Tellanto and friends we went to the super local party house. A must go to for some Colombian entertainment. 


Fruit Tour & Cocktail Contest

Medellin is known for their incredible biodiversity and the local fruit market the best place to discover this. 

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