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Writing a Thesis abroad

It is a nice challenge to write your thesis abroad. Many do this at an internship company that is looking for a talented student who can solve a problem by conducting research. How this is in reality and how you can best approach this, will be discussed here.

How do you know if you will like an internship abroad?

It has become an incredible trend that we are traveling more and more. It used to be special to do an internship abroad, but nowadays it has become surprisingly common. But is being away from home something for you, would a foreign company suit you, or how do you find an internship in Latin America?

How do you find an internship abroad?

To find an internship abroad can be tricky. Often you are not familiar with the different ways to search. Besides that Tellanto has different internship available for you, we explain in this article how to find a suitable, professional and fun internship.

How Do You Stand Out From Other Students

You are still young and have not yet had the time to stand out from your fellow students. Yet, you do need something to make yourself different from others. In this article you will learn how to do this to get your number 1 internship in South America.

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