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Making it More Fun to Go to Latin America

We used to be students as well. And damn it was hard to find a student house abroad that fits the need for an international student. One thing is for sure, the old room of someone’s grandma is NOT what we are looking for.

So we, two Dutch brothers, moved to Medellin Colombia to change it. Opened up our own houses and are now organizing events to make it fun for everyone and their friends.

Just send us a message if you wanna talk on WhatsApp. We make time for you.

Our Promise to You

We’re not a website. We are a group of people passionate to help you and your friends with an amazing time in Latin America.


100% Personal

We are always there for you. I’m not just saying that. Here let me show you: my personal Whatsapp +31630619754.


Everything is specifically for students. No boring houses, shady people or irrelevant information.

High Quality

We are not a platform. Everything on Tellanto comes from us and is double checked to be perfect for students.


You’re not alone. Share your struggles. Either we help you or the students in the same boat as you will.


Call Us

Ruben: +31 6 83985404

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+31 6 25165578

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