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Making it Easier to Go to Latin America

Going abroad is just too difficult…

We’re getting all smarter, but up until now nobody has thought of solving the hassle of finding the perfect student house, an internship or the right semester exchange in Latin America.

As students we experienced this problem ourselves. All our friends and us were stressing out that we would not get everything arranged on time before we would go abroad. And then there’s also the deadline from the university. Uagg!

Our Promise to You

We’re not a website. We are Europeans with a passion to help students to go to Latin America without asking money.


100% Personal

We are always there for you. I’m not just saying that. Here let me show you: my personal Whatsapp +31630619754.


Everything is specifically for students. No boring houses, shady internships or unrelevant information.

High Quality

We are not a platform. Everything on Tellanto comes from us and is double checked to be perfect for students.


You’re not alone. Share your struggles. Either we help you or the students in the same boat as you will.

Our Story

Let’s get personal. Just send us a WhatsApp if you have questions

Ruben Wollerich

In 2017 I went to Panama for my internship. During my stay there, I’ve discovered the beauty of Latin America. I came back to finish my study in the Netherlands.

Stijn Wollerich

For my semester exchange I went to Mexico and the year after to Japan to graduate from my study International Business. I fell in love with Latin America. I had to go back, so I am currently living in Medellin, Colombia.


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