Young people are often underestimated. Many companies value experience and proven expertise in a certain field. However, today the world is very different from 15 years ago. Why would you be looking for the new Mark Zuckerberg or Andrew Mason to lift your company with more innovation and digitalization?


With all the digital products nowadays that help companies be more effective and efficient, old-fashioned processes become more and more liabilities. The longer you wait with innovating your processes, the more your competition will be ahead of you. With Eric Ries’ Lean Startup Methodology (which is also very applicable for corporates) it is proven that today’s business is all about creativity, innovativeness and efficient processes. While we are not arguing for getting rid of older employees, we do believe that including young people in your team or business is very important, since these bring more fresh-minded creativity, innovativeness and are used to the shift in how we should do business according to methodologies like Eric Ries’.

New Marketing vs. Old Marketing

Companies like HubSpot are showing their clients how today’s marketing is done. With their focus on the customer, rather than the bottom line and looking for longer term and sustainable growth, they show why push marketing is a no-go. In short, they believe in attracting leads with content and tools they truly care about and which truly helps them. Instead of using cold-selling and other push methods, they try to engage the customer with their company. The companies following that methodology become service providers rather than salesmen. The relationship between them and the customer is very important. HubSpot offers a lot of content for this and even free courses. In case you are interested in this, we highly recommend gaining knowledge about their marketing methodology and using it as a training tool for your organization.

The way we use the world wide web today causes customers to demand this relationship and even creates dissatisfaction when the company is not succeeding at it. The world wide web provides customers with control. They can leave negative replies and hurt your company’s image. New clients will decrease when the internet is full of bad reviews about your brand. This is the reason why old marketing doesn’t work today. Young people offer value for you here. They grew up being used to this relationship with companies. They don’t understand and don’t advocate the old marketing strategies. Therefore, they are the key for your business to understand and execute the new marketing. Image someone working in the marketing department at a company for 30 years. Before that, they had old marketing education. They are way too used to old-fashioned marketing in order to truly understand how to execute new marketing. They can still be of high value, but for your company to innovate and be more digitalized, recruiting real young talent is very important.

Digitalizing Your Company

If you are born and educated before the internet became something real, how should you be able to digitalize and be a specialist in IT? Young people are in general better at it. They received recent education about the newest methods and techniques in for example coding. Besides, younger people use the newest digital services such as Google Drive themselves already. Why not letting them implement these online services by people who know how they should be used.

Many students also know how to operate social media and build websites. When they don’t know something by hard, they can quickly access resources that do help him find a solution for their problem. Their agility in problem-solving is just better and there they can be a great advantage of your business.

Today’s product development is all about being Lean and being agile. Being able to quickly add or remove features, and iterating the production is something that establishes new opportunities. These are all methodologies developed in the recent years and not decades ago. This means that older people are not used to this. The talent for digitization and innovativeness is at younger people.

Our advice

Again, we are not telling you to get rid of an experienced employee. They have many advantages as well, like emotional intelligence, risk management and organizational management. However, today you can’t go without digital innovation talent. Young people are important and the longer you wait, the bigger your problems and delays become.

Still not sure? Interns provide you a great opportunity for seeing what young people will bring to your company. Interns require experience and support as compensation, but not high salaries. Usually interns are paid between 200 and 500 dollars per month to be able to gain experience at your company. This is a benefit for you and the intern. Download our brochure below to get more information about our services and read this article to read more about interns.


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