It is a nice challenge to write your thesis abroad. Many do this at an internship company that is looking for a talented student who can solve a problem by conducting research. However, it is a different experience than when you gain work experience. How this is in reality and how you can best approach this, will be discussed here.

Difference between a work experience internship and graduation internship

Internships abroad can have two different forms. A work placement is meant so that you can gain work experience in a company that’s appealing to you and where you can learn new things.

This is mostly done in the years prior to the year you will graduate in. It is not so much about performing what you have learned, but more about being introduced to the work floor with a mentor. It’s for you to get a better understanding of what you are studying for and to get a little tip of the iceberg of your future career.

You also have a graduation internship that you complete in the final year of university. For bachelor and master degrees, writing a thesis is often compulsory. Instead of having daily tasks, you are now working on solving a large research within the company. You document this in the form of a thesis that you submit to your study program in order to be able to complete your study.

During a graduation internship, the chances of an offer for a full-time job after your internship are greater than with a work placement internship. You have almost graduated and you have been able to develop yourself more. This makes it important to carefully choose which company and which internship vacancy suits you best. First, start by looking at what you like and what your passions are.

What is a thesis?

A thesis, also called graduation assignment, is the last thing that keeps you from graduating. It is your ticket to success. A thesis for a bachelor’s degree is a report that focuses on giving advice on a practical problem. This problem is often proposed by the company and the student collects as much information as possible to develop a well-founded conclusion and recommendation. For a master’s degree, a thesis is a report of an independently conducted scientific research that is not required to be related to a specific business problem.

The time you get for your thesis abroad depends on your university. On average, a student is working on the thesis between 3 and 9 months. It is a big project that some struggle more with than others. Therefore, be prepared and create a detailed plan of action.

What is a thesis about?

The subject of your thesis depends, of course, on the field of business. However, it is important that this research has never been done by anyone before. Often you will find an interesting topic by talking about it with your supervisor. Do you have difficulties coming up with a topic? Take a look at thesis databases for different examples. Not only useful for the subject, but also a good template for the structure of your graduation assignment.

Sometimes universities have a required structure for your thesis, but it often contains the same steps.

  • A brief introduction with an explanation of the problem you are going to investigate.
  • The main question with sometimes a number of sub-questions.
  • What information is already known about the subject
  • Theoretical information that helps you to solve the problem.
  • An explanation of the method you use for your research
  • The results of the research
  • A conclusion of your research
  • Finally, you give a recommendation based on the entire research.

Graduating abroad

Many students who graduate from a university have not yet had the opportunity to gain relative work experience. This is seen by employers as a lack of development, but certainly also by the students. It often happens that a graduate first starts his career with an internship prior to applying for a full-time job.

With this, I try to indicate that it is a very valuable opportunity to do an internship, whatever you study and at whatever level. Unfortunately, you might not have a lot of internships opportunities during your education, so when you have the chance you have to use it to develop as much as possible.

A graduation internship abroad is a game-changer that will change you from an ordinary student into someone who is open-minded, can deal with different people, thinks out of the box, shows initiative and is very responsible. All characteristics an employer is looking for.


Writing a dissertation abroad may be a bigger challenge than doing it at home, but together with the experience and knowledge you will gain abroad you are developing rapidly. In addition, it is a good advantage for your CV. Tellanto has multiple companies looking for talented students. Are we looking for you? It is completely free and you can register on the website.

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