The popularity of Spanish language is easily established by the fact that it is the second most spoken language in the world. The advantages of learning Spanish are plenty. It allows you to make new friends from all over the world, discover different kinds of professional opportunities and it makes traveling and exploring even more exciting.

And, the experience of learning Spanish becomes better multifold when you are doing it in a beautiful place like Medellin.

Touted as one of the most innovative cities in the world, Medellin, with its beautiful location, cheap cost of living and rich cultural heritage is increasingly becoming a popular site for international students to learn and enhance their Spanish skills.

Below are few reasons why you should choose Medellin for becoming a pro at learning Spanish:

Language Immersion

Colombia’s second largest, Medellin is a Spanish speaking city. Majority of the population here speaks Spanish. Be it while using public transportation, buying groceries, asking for directions or ordering food at a local restaurant, you will need to speak Spanish.

Staying and studying Spanish in Medellin gives you the opportunity to completely immerse yourself, learn and understand Spanish. It provides you a worthwhile Spanish learning experience.

From road signs to shows on television and radio, you will find a lot of opportunities to immerse yourself in Spanish. You will be able to connect to the Colombian culture in a much better and engaging way.

Friendly locals

Medellin is quite popular for its friendly locals. The paisas are really helpful and appreciative of foreign travelers and make sure that they get the best experience in their city. It is very easy to strike a conversation with a local anywhere in the city.

Interacting with the locals brings you closer to their traditions and culture. The locals are extremely warm and welcoming to the people visiting the city. They will make it easier for you to practice your Spanish here.

Various courses offered by universities and language schools

There are plenty of options for foreigners to study Spanish in Medellin. From university courses to language schools or private tuitions, it is incredibly easy to enroll yourself at a Spanish learning center.

Centro de Idiomas of Eafit University and Centro de Lenguas of UPB University are among the top choices for outsiders to study Spanish in Medellin.

There are other popular language schools as well, like Colombia Immersion, Total Spanish, and Toucan Spanish Immersion. These schools allow the students to indulge in a lot of enjoyable activities that makes their learning experience even more exciting.

The teachers here are highly supportive and teach with a positive attitude towards their students.

These centers provide a medium to make new friends which allow the students to explore the city together and share equal passion and enthusiasm for learning Spanish.

For Spanish classes in Medellin we highly recommend Toucan Spanish School. They are the best Spanish school in Colombia and do not only help you with improving your Spanish, but also have great community of friends.

Lot of fun ways to study Spanish

Learning a new language is a great experience in itself and trying out new fun ways to learn Spanish definitely helps in mastering the language faster.

You can find a lot of different enjoyable ways to aid your Spanish learning here. You can go for some salsa dancing and let yourself groove to the fantastic Spanish beats while actually learning the meaning of the lyrics as well.

Eslabon Prendido and Son Havana are really popular spots for some salsa dancing.

Also, there are plenty of museums that provide some amazing insight into Colombian culture. Museo de Antioquia is a popular spot to explore more about the Colombian art culture.

One can even visit the ‘library parks’ situated in various parts of the city, which provide an enriching learning experience with an impressive ambiance.

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