I think you’ll agree with me when I say that choosing a mode of accommodation while studying abroad is quite a complex decision to make. Although choosing the right accommodation is a huge part of a worthwhile study abroad experience.

Budget, personal preferences, availability of the room are among the many factors a student has to consider while opting for a particular accommodation.

On one hand you have the option to stay at a student residence provided by your university and on the other you have the option of staying in privately rented student houses or apartments. Proximity to campus and engagement in various activities with other students are among the benefits of staying at an on-campus accommodation.

However, there are many downsides to living in student residences as well and international students might prefer living off campus for the benefits they provide over student residences.

With this article we will dive into the reason why you should not live at a student residence.

1. Living off campus can be cheaper

With a bit of research, you would be able to find suitable accommodation in good neighborhoods of the city. These often have a cheaper price than the university on-campus accommodations. Plus, there are plenty of ways to reduce further living expenses as well.

For commuting, you can easily use public transportation facilities. The public transportation system in major Latin American cities is cheap and efficient.

Also, having your own kitchen provides you with the perks of cooking your own food, cutting the cost of expensive meal plans or ordering take-outs regularly.

2. You get closer to the local culture

Living off campus allows you to experience the city’s culture and customs in a more authentic way. You get to interact more with the locals and learn about their lifestyles more closely.

You also get plenty of opportunities to learn the local language in a better way by interacting daily with local people, be it while shopping for groceries or using the public transportation.

3. You have the option of living alone

Limited and crowded spaces can affect your privacy in the student residences. When you are sharing a room with someone, you always to be extra careful to not disturb them and vice-versa.

However, with your private accommodation or shared with friends you won’t have to adjust your plans and schedules according to large group of roommates. You can even focus on your studies better. You will also have more privacy in terms of sharing bathrooms and generally have more area.

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4. You gain more independence

While living in student residences, you have to follow a long list of rules regarding curfew timings, visitors, etc and you also often have to submit various forms to the office for staying out for a longer period of time.

Staying in an apartment allows you freedom from those rules and you can just make your schedules according to your convenience.

You also have freedom of cooking your own food. You can cook healthy food as per your choice as compared to the food served on campus, which might not be always healthy.

5. Living off campus could be your only option

Many Latin American universities don’t usually provide student residences within the campus. For example, Colombian universities like EAFIT University in Medellin and the University of Los Andes in Bogota don’t have accommodation for students on the campus. Instead, Tellanto provides the best student accommodations in Bogota, Medellin, and other cities in Mexico and Peru.

Similarly, the Pontifical Catholic University in Rio de Janeiro Brazil does not provide student residence facilities on campus.

Living off campus can be seen as an advantage. You get access to quality education while having freedom with your accommodation choices.

Based on the facilities and location, you can find various options for budget international student houses in the city you’re studying at.

Finding the right student house in Latin America is one of the most important aspects of your experience abroad. This will either make or break your adventure.

Therefore, we at Tellanto help you find the right ones for free. These have all been selected based on their price, location, safety, fun and more. Have a look yourself your the Housing Abroad.

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