The National University of San Marcos is the oldest university in Latin America and considered one of the best in Peru. The quality of the curriculum of this university along with Lima’s vibrant atmosphere makes for a wonderful study abroad experience.

National University of San Marcos recognition

Known as the “Dean of Americas”, the National University of San Marcos is ranked as one of the top universities in Peru. This university is regarded as a prominent center of scientific research in the country. The university is recognized by its prestigious and influential alumni. The list of the alumni of UNMSM also includes a Nobel Prize laureate, Mario Vargas Llosa. At UNMSM, you become a part of a close-knit community that has trained some of the most famous Latin American personalities.

Campus of the National University of San Marcos

The University City i.e., the main campus of UNMSM is located in Lima district, between the Cercado de Lima and the Callao.

The campus consists of numerous buildings dedicated to different academic areas such as engineering, health sciences, basic sciences, economic and management sciences, and humanities and legal and social sciences.

The UNMSM campus has a lively ambiance with the presence of a diverse student population and different student activities.

Facilities at the National University of San Marcos

UNMSM has a library, an auditorium, a stadium with a total capacity of 65,000 people, cafeteria, museum, university clinic, gym, and a cultural center. The cultural center and the museum of natural history are of great historic importance for Lima.

The cultural center offers many courses to promote artistic expression among students and hosts many exhibitions, music bands, and university choir, theatre, and ballet performances. The colonial architecture of the cultural center is worth admiring. The center also has a museum of Art and museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

The Pedro Zulen Central Library provides a great space for studying and working on research projects. The library has cubicles for group studies, and also a Multimedia Resource Center, where you can access documentaries and movies.

Student life in Lima

From paragliding to sipping Pisco sour at a cozy restaurant, there is a great range of entertainment options in Lima. The most popular neighborhoods for international students are Miraflores, Barranco, and San Miguel.

You will find many amazing restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in these areas where you can explore the delicious variety of Peruvian food and enjoy the crazy nightlife of Lima.

Also, due to Lima’s proximity to various exotic destinations like Machu Picchu, Cusco, and Iquitos, going for an exciting excursion is super convenient, perfect for taking a break from your studies.

Semester exchange at the National University of San Marcos

The university has been increasingly focusing on internationalization with the aim to facilitate the educational and cultural exchange and strengthen research networks.

The National University of San Marcos has partnerships with many universities from all over the world to promote student exchange programs. With the exchange programs, students don’t have to worry about the payment of academic costs and they can enjoy a great learning experience at UNMSM.

The General Office of Cooperation and Interinstitutional Relations (OGCRI) provides all the necessary assistance to international students coming to Lima for a semester exchange program at UNMSM.

Student Housing in


Student housing in Lima

During your study program at the university, you can opt for student houses, homestay or rented apartments. The university can connect you with some families that offer accommodation. This a great option for getting yourself familiarised with Peruvian culture. However, with a homestay, you might have limited privacy.

If you prefer to stay in a livelier atmosphere with other international and national students, you can opt for student houses. On Tellanto, you will find comfortable student rooms, provided with all the essential amenities in a great neighborhood, with easy access to malls, restaurants, cafes, and bars. You can choose a room according to your budget and preferences. You can also connect with the international students who have previously stayed in Lima and studied at UNMSM. This will help you in preparing yourself for your trip to the city.

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Studying at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

Studying at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, also known as PUCP, is the oldest private university of Peru and is ranked as the best university in the country. While enjoying the quality of this university, as a student you can also enjoy sightseeing the famous and spectacular Andes and Machu Picchu.

Universities Abroad

Universidad de La Sabana

Universidad de La Sabana

La Universidad de La Sabana in Colombia is with almost 12.000 students and a vast variety of courses definitely a university you should consider for your semester exchange in Latin America. Their focus on internationalization and leadership has resulted in over 90 agreements with other universities abroad, so there’s a high chance you will get to go here for free.

UoC, University of Curaçao

UoC, University of Curaçao

Studying on a Caribbean island known for its white beaches and clear blue water sounds like a dream right? Well, it’s possible! Studying in Curaçao is made possible since the University of Curaçao established several partnerships with universities from Europe!

Uniandes, Universidad de Los Andes

Uniandes, Universidad de Los Andes

A semester exchange at the state of the art University de Los Andes in Bogotá in Colombia is for many European students an opportunity to have an incredible time in a lively city while still studying at a well-recognized university abroad. Every semester approximately 200 international students pack their bags and kiss their mommy goodbye to study at the best university in Colombia.

UDEM, Universidad de Monterrey

UDEM, Universidad de Monterrey

UDEM is one of the private universities located in Monterrey, Mexico. The city that attracts students from all over the world to enjoy the fiesta’s, the warm people and the beautiful nature around the city. With almost 100 study programs, UDEM provides quality education to over 11,000 talented students.

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, or La Javeriana called by its students, is a private university with many different faculties in Bogota and Cali. Many of the country’s ‘elite’ have been educated here and that Pontificia Universidad Javeriana has received a lot of recognition for their outstanding academic research.

Universidad EAFIT

Universidad EAFIT

Universidad EAFIT is a private Colombian university located in Medellin, Bogota, Pereira and Llanogrande Rionegro. It is characterized by the recognition of the Colombian Ministry of Education and their integration of a natural environment on its campuses.

Tecnologico de Monterrey

Tecnologico de Monterrey

Tecnologico de Monterrey is one of the most recognized universities in Latin America. With 32 campuses around Mexico, it provides one of the highest quality education for over 90.000 students. The private university is well known for the many famous politicians and CEOs that have studied here.

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