Many companies approach the meaning of an intern and internship differently. Whereas one company solely let’s an intern write a dissertation, the other let’s them be involved in daily processes and sometimes include them in strategic thinking. The question remains: what is an internship, and how can I benefit from an intern?

An intern can contribute to your business in three ways. The first is the workplacement intern. In general this intern is part of your team and is at your company to gain experience. The second is the graduation intern. This student is at your company to do research. He or she will write a thesis around this research and that will contribute to his or her graduation. The last intern is the voluntary intern. This intern is not a student (anymore) but still willing to work at your company temporarily to boost his or her experience. In this article, we will explain you all three interns more in depth, and explain what their benefits are and how you could get the most out of your intern.


The Workplacement Intern

Usually, the workplacement intern is relatively early in his or her studies. In the first years, after having been in class, the interns are sent to companies to gain some work experience. Just to get a touch of what is happening on the work floor in an environment related to their study, they get the opportunity to assist a team. For you, this is beneficial since these students in general don’t need time off to work on their research. You as an employer can fully dedicate them to a certain project or have an extra hand within your processes if you are having a shortage of human resources.


Our recommendation regarding this intern is to help them with all processes or implementations that are related to the digital world. These students are in general very well known with different digital platforms and services and this could lift up the productivity and innovation of your business. In the article How to Get The Most Out of Your Valuable Time?’, we describe how difficult it can be to do the non urgent, but important tasks. The workplacement intern could be ideal to help with for example a digital transformation within your company.


The Graduation Intern

This type of intern usually is at the last semester of their study program. This means that they have to complete a thesis in order to graduate from their university. These students often have internship experience and have finished all their classes at their university. This means that these students are actually (if they graduate) at the same level as young professionals. The difference between the graduate intern and a young professional is that the intern has more time available to help you with your daily processes and other tasks, and their compensation. Someone who starts working for you just after being graduated costs you a starting salary. However, a graduation intern is already very glad when he receives a couple of hundred dollars compensation per month.


From our experience, we see that many companies interpret a thesis as something that costs them time, since the intern needs to spend time on this research during office hours. However, a thesis could be a great opportunity for your business. This research is not just a paper. It is a research that students go all the way for! Since they like to graduate, they will do their best to deliver a high quality market research, business plan or provide you with new business opportunities, and you are the one to decide what the research will be about. Are you about to launch a new product? Are you unfamiliar with a new market you would like to enter? Is there an issue amongst your employees? A graduation intern can research this. Who else has the time to do these kind of tasks, and put hours and hours of dedicated work into it? During their months of internship, you could observe the intern’s qualities and potentially offer a job. You know what you are hiring and that gives you a lot more certainty.


The Voluntary Intern

When recent graduates like to gain more experience, to travel or just love your company, they might decide to do an internship voluntarily. At Nimble, we receive many applications of these type of interns. In general these students recently graduated from either a bachelor or master degree and decide to work for a company for just a little compensation before they start working for a company or study in their home country. Their experience and level of education is similar to young professionals who earn around the 2,000 dollars per month. This could be a great opportunity for your company!


These interns are still very fresh minded and have seen different companies along their way during internships. Their fresh theoretical knowledge and experience within other companies makes them a game changer for your company. In contrast to the graduation intern, a voluntary intern is more focussed and available for day-to-day company tasks. They can focus on your business and contribute in the small details. What is quite common is that these interns are looking for a job after their internship. This provides you with an even greater opportunity. For you this intern can prove him- or herself during these months of internship. In case you are convinced of him or her qualities, you could offer them a permanent job for after their period of internship.  



Very much depending on what your company needs, all these interns can contribute well. In general these students require low compensation and are very eager to learn and innovate. We believe that every company can offer a great experience for one of these three type of interns. In case we can help you finding one, we would love to shake hands and meet!



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