Probably you are within your department or company always very busy and many urgent tasks come along during your day. You’ll probably question yourself: how can I ever have time to learn more about market movements and ways to innovative my team or product? Below we will give you a brief overview of the different options you have to still provide yourself with the time to do for example a market research, write a business plans or come up with new innovating ideas.


Urgent vs. Important

What happens to many people in a leading role within a company or department is that many people place all the urgent tasks at the important people. When urgent tasks take a significant portion of your agenda, it is hard to get rid of them. Ones you allow them to take over your time, new urgent tasks will keep following. The dangerous part of these tasks is that they are not always important, for example notifications and phone calls. Most of the time these are not important, but you will still reply or pick them up when you are working on for example writing a business plan. While those last three tasks are usually important, they are less urgent. Since a business plan, market analysis and innovation idea are crucial in moving your business forward, it is important to make time available for them. They are the beginning of the innovation at your company.

The table below describes four categories where you want to be in the quadrant II. You want to focus on important things that are not necessarily urgent. This allows you to plan ahead and be a step ahead of your competition.



Eliminate The Urgent

When you are caught up in the urgent (un)important tasks, you need someone to help you to get out of it. An assistant could be from great use. It should be someone you can trust and is good with fixing urgent matters. Now, you are able to focus on planning ahead to write a business plan, to do market research or to think of an innovative idea for your team/department or company. To have people contact your assistant first enables you to only work on the important things, since the assistant will filter out what is relevant for you and will prevent you from being disturbed.

An assistant does not have to be expensive. You could also decide to hire an intern. Interns are usually quick on their feet and able to adapt easily to your company. Besides, for the intern it is a great opportunity to learn from you as a decision maker within a company. Additionally, having them to cover up for urgent matters, you could also decide to let them write the market analysis, business plan or innovation implementation. Many students are looking for a company where they can write these kinds of papers. They have been educated during their study program to write such a research and are doing it usually at the end of their study. For more information regarding interns, you could also download our brochure.


Plan The Big Picture

Many people plan their lives according to daily schedules and daily to-do-lists. However, keeping in mind that we now allow ourselves with more time for the non-urgent tasks, we should also think of a more forward-thinking way of planning our work. Instead of using daily planning, weekly planning seems to be much more effective. If you have many small tasks that should be done during the day, you will probably be tempted to put all these in a to-do-list, which you finish at the end of the day.

Planning your upcoming week on Sunday or Monday morning allows you to plan with a bird-eye view on what is actually helping you, your team and your business grow instead of drifting along your tasks during the day. By planning weekly, you can schedule when to do this market analysis that you have been planning for so long, but haven’t had the time for to actually do it. This also helps you to be able to innovate processes that you or your team is doing every week. You can only move forward if you take the time to look at what you want to achieve in a week. If you don’t, you will just stay stuck in urgent tasks chasing you without allowing you to move forward and innovate.

Therefore, it is important to understand the difference between urgent and important tasks, and to use that to plan your week with a bird-eye view on what you would like to achieve. This will bring you, your team or your business the opportunity to move forward. This can put always one step ahead of the competition.



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