One of the most important cities in Mexico, Guadalajara provides a rewarding experience for international students during their semester exchange program in Mexico.

The students get to learn about the Mexican culture, travel to exotic destinations and meet amazing people while studying in one of the prestigious Mexican universities. But before arriving in Guadalajara, a student needs to take care of many important tasks like obtaining a visa and securing housing.

Below are a few tips that will help you find an international student house in Guadalajara.

Choose the right accommodation

First of all, you need to be clear about what kind of housing you want to opt for while staying in Guadalajara. You can either go for student residences, your own private accommodation or shared international student houses.

Each mode of accommodation has its own pros and cons, and you need to consider them according to your preferences. For example, if you prefer proximity to the university campus, then you would want to stay in dorms.

However, they can get quite noisy and might affect your privacy. If you prefer living on your own and want freedom and flexibility in the way you live, you would want to rent an apartment. This is where you can retain your privacy and also live with other international students in a lively atmosphere by renting an international student room.

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Educate yourself on different neighborhoods

While choosing accommodation in Guadalajara, you need to select a neighborhood that meets your expectations. Considering aspects like the distance from your university, safety, nightlife, public transportation, the availability of grocery stores and restaurants are crucial while selecting a neighborhood.

Because there are many different neighbhorhoods you can choose from, we’ve written another article specficially dedicated to the best neighborhoods for international students in Guadalajara.

The bustling metropolis Guadalajara has many diverse neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has different features, and where you decide to stay depends on your preferences.

The neighborhood Zapopan is a great area for students as it is really close to Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara. Staying in Zapopan is also convenient for students studying in Tecnológico de Monterrey Guadalajara, as the university is located near this neighborhood. To be near amazing nightlife, you can choose to live in Chapultepec area, as it is known for the vibrant nightlife options.

If upscale amenities are your thing, then living in Providencia is the way to go. It is a safe, posh neighborhood and provides comfortable accommodation options. However, if you prefer a more local experience, then you may want to live in Santa Teresita.

Acquiring the correct information and being completely sure of the neighborhood you want to live in will make the process of finding the best accommodation a lot easier.

House of Cuadros

Casa Chapultapec

Casa de Diviertas

Start searching ahead of time

Preparing in advance is especially important when you are traveling to a new country. Sorting out your preferences, finding the correct information and contacting relevant people can take time.

That is why it is important that you start the process of finding accommodation a couple of months before you arrive in Guadalajara.

This way you have a higher chance of finding a student room easily and possibly at a lower price. You can explore a wide range of options and select a house according to your preferences.

Ask your friends

Students who have previously stayed in Guadalajara can give you information about different student rooms in the city. You can connect to your friends and acquaintances on Facebook and ask for recommendations for student housing in Guadalajara.

You never know, your friends or friends of friends, their parents or relatives, anyone can be helpful in providing you with information about accommodation in the Guadalajara.

Student Housing through Tellanto

We understand it can feel a bit daunting to arrive in Guadalajara that is completely different from your home country. Students have to deal with huge cultural differences and the Spanish language barriers when they travel to a new country for their study abroad program.

That is why it helps to stay in a student house with other international students. Being in a place where you meet other international students who go through the same thing is comforting.

Tellanto offers you with various options for student housing in Guadalajara. The international student houses listed on the website are all located in a central location that is safe and close to numerous the entertainment options.

We aim to help you in enjoying your study abroad experience to the fullest. Apart from many options for fun student houses in Guadalajara, you will also find many articles related to studying and living in Guadalajara on the website.

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