Lima is the biggest city in Peru. From the beautiful architecture in the historic center to the crazy nightlife in Miraflores district, this city has everything for a memorable study abroad experience.

Given its popularity, you can surely find many options for international student houses in Lima. An international student house is a great way to avail the lively atmosphere of dorms while enjoying the privacy, comfort, and independence you would get from staying on your own.

Here are a few tips that will help you in finding your international student room in Lima:

1. Start your search early

Planning ahead will help you to find your accommodation without any stress. Lima is rapidly becoming a popular spot for a study abroad program among international students. This means that you will have more competition in finding a student house here.

It would be better if you start looking for an international student house a couple of months before your classes start so that you have a good chance of securing a room with your desired preferences.

2. Use your personal connections

Talk to your friends and other fellow international students who have previously completed an exchange or study abroad program in Lima. They might be able to help you by giving references to an international student house in which they had stayed before.

Even your local classmates could point you in the right direction in finding accommodation. They might know someone who has recently completed a semester exchange program and has left behind a vacant student room. You can contact them and find out more information about the accommodation.

Reach out to as many personal connections as possible. It will maximize your chances of quickly finding an international student room in the city.

3. Be prepared to ask questions

Being absolutely clear about your budget and priorities like proximity to the university and roommates will speed up the process of securing an international student room.

While negotiating with the landlord, comprehensively ask questions about the rent and utilities – what is included, what is not, what the rules are and any other vital information which you must know before moving in. Clarify all of your doubts before finalizing the deal. Ensure that you know absolutely everything about your student room.

If you are dealing with the landlords from overseas, you can try Skype to take a look around the house and find out more information about it.

Renting a student room in a new place is an important decision, and being absolutely prepared will ensure that you get the best deal out of your negotiations with the landlord.

4. Your international student room on Tellanto

We understand that the whole procedure of a study abroad program can feel really overwhelming. A student has to deal with multiple things at once and needs to prepare a lot in advance before going abroad.

That is why Tellanto aims to make this process a bit easier for you. On the website, you will find a lot of options for international student rooms which are already verified and secured.

The houses listed on the website are the ones especially catering to students. You will live among students from all over the world in a fun and energetic atmosphere. Being in a community of international students will make it easier for you to settle in.

On Tellanto, you come one step closer to witnessing Lima’s beautiful scenery, enjoying the culinary delights and having an exciting educational experience. You will be surely charmed by the liveliness of Lima during your stay here. Feel free to contact us with all your questions.

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