Bogota is the capital of the beautiful and diverse Colombia. It is a big, populous city with many different neighborhoods, so you need to find your student accommodation in Bogota in an area that suits your personal preferences.

Like any other Colombian city, the neighborhoods in Bogota are also categorized according to ‘estratos’, indicating the socio-economic scale. The estrato’s range from 1 to 6. As the estrato number increases, the comfort and safety increase as well as the cost of rent and utilities.

There are several ways of finding housing in Bogota. You can start with learning about different neighborhoods and sorting out your preferences.

The top neighborhoods in Bogota

Zona Rosa in Bogota

Popular for its nightlife, Zona Rosa is one of the trendiest and safest neighborhoods of Bogota.

Zona Rosa consists of some of the best restaurants and bars in Bogota. Several fancy malls and exclusive shopping centers are also located in this neighborhood. The Zona T pedestrian area especially stands out due to the sheer number of diverse eateries, and nightclubs. It is considered a hotspot for Bogota’s nightlife.

The accommodation in this neighborhood will give you easy access to various exciting entertainment options. This area is quite popular among foreign travelers, and you can easily meet people from all over the world.

The homes in Zona Rosa are mainly of estrato 5-6.

Chapinero neighborhood

Chapinero is a residential neighborhood and is very popular among international students, as various universities are located near this neighborhood, including the renowned Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

It is a huge plus for students, since reducing the commute time is one of the most important factors a student considers while looking for accommodation.

This neighborhood has some pretty cool multi-cuisine restaurants, cafes, and bars that attract many travelers and locals alike.

Chapinero is also quite close to the Paloquemao market, one of the most popular farmer’s markets in the city, where you can shop for a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other grocery goods.

This neighborhood primarily consists of homes with estratos ranging from 4-6.

Live abroad in Chico

The poshness and sense of safety make Chico one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Bogota. The presence of various malls, fancy restaurants, shops, and bars add to the attractiveness of the neighborhood.

You can also conveniently shop for food, drinks, and groceries as this neighborhood consists of many popular supermarkets like Exito and Carulla. As an international student, it is essential to be near markets that meet your basic everyday needs.

Parque 93 is the highlight of this neighborhood. This park is always busy with people and many festivals, fairs, and exhibitions take place in this park. It is a great spot for hanging out with your friends, having a picnic and eating out, as numerous restaurants, cafes and bars are located near this park.

The accommodation in this neighborhood would be a bit expensive as this area mainly consists of estrato 5-6 homes.

Usaquén in Bogota

Usaquén is quite popular for its charming colonial buildings. The inviting atmosphere of the neighborhood, the shopping and dining options, make this neighborhood a top choice for many visitors.

The Usaquén Park is a popular hangout spot in this neighborhood, and many restaurants and bars are located around this park. This neighborhood also hosts the famous Usaquén flea market every Sunday.

You can buy locally made paintings, bags, décor items, shoes and more. You can also enjoy various street performances, and eat good food.

The majority of the housing in this neighborhood are of estrato 4 and 5.

Now that you have an idea of what different neighborhoods are like in Bogota, the process of finding a student room in the city will become much easier for you.

How to find student housing in Bogota

1. Be clear about your preferences

Being completely sure of your budget, the neighborhood, and considering the cost of transportation, access to markets, nightlife among other things will help you narrow down your options and arrive at a decision faster. Knowing your preferences will give you more clarity when reviewing the different student accommodations in Bogota.

2. Student housing through Tellanto

With Tellanto you have the option of going through different international student houses in a neighborhood of your choice. Renting a student room is advantageous as you can live among other international students in a fun atmosphere.

With a shared international student house, you can avail the comfort of various amenities in a good neighborhood and at an affordable price.

On Tellanto, you can get in touch with the landlord and learn about the details before your arrival in Bogota.

Use the feature below to choose Bogota and go directly to the different student houses in the city.

Student Housing in


3. Ask your friends

Your friends who have previously stayed in Bogota can be extremely helpful in giving you valid information about the student accommodation in the city. They might be able to give you details about the rent, and available amenities, among other things.

4. Facebook groups

You can connect with other international students of your university on Facebook groups and learn about the availability of student rooms in Bogota. You can also find many Facebook groups for rentals in Bogota.

By acquiring the right information in advance, you will feel more confident and prepared for your trip to Bogota.

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