Medellin has come a long way in shedding its infamous image. It has been able to get past the tough times and flourish. Medellin is thriving and has now become a prosperous city. It is also considered one of the best cities in Colombia.

The city takes pride in its perfect weather, the multitude of festivals and an amazing system of public transportation.

And, with its placement adjacent to the picturesque Andes Mountains and constantly growing economy, Medellin presents a fine recipe for an overall amazing educational experience for a student.

The city hosts several universities catering to various types of students all over the world. One can find a multitude of courses suiting to their needs and witness a different culture as well as expand their horizons.

Below is a list of the best 5 universities in the city:

5. Universidad de Medellín

Situated to the west of the city in district 16 Belen neighborhood, University of Medellin is a non-profit private university.

It is accredited by Ministry on national education- National Council for Higher Education, Colombia.

It comprises the largest theatre in Medellin making it the center of many national and international events.

Universidad de Medellín offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor degrees in several areas of study.

4. Pontifical Bolivarian University

With the motto “Formación integral para la transformación social y humana” (Integral education for social and human transformation), the university believes in promoting comprehensive development of its students.

It comprises a large campus with plenty of green spaces and areas for outdoor activities as well.

In addition to the multitude of undergraduate programs and specializations, the university also offers various language courses as well.

An international student would be able to arrive as a Visiting student and pay UPB tuition fees unless their home university has an exchange agreement with UPB.

3. EAFIT University

What started as a “School of Management and Finance” now has become an accredited university with an eclectic range of curriculum including the school of sciences, humanities, management, engineering, law, economics, and finance.

It is one of the finest private universities in Medellin. It is approved and recognized by the National Education Ministry.

Located in the thriving neighborhood of las vegas avenue near la Aguacatala, it has proximity to various commercial establishments. It is also near to the El Poblado neighborhood which is quite popular among the foreigners.

The university also hosts various outreach programs as well to promote different artistic disciplines, which are open to the general public as well.

International students need to complete at least one year of full-time studies at their home university.
If students wish to take their course in Spanish, they would need to provide a certificate of proficiency in Spanish.

2. The University of Antioquia

This is Colombia’s oldest university and is also one of the best research universities in the country.

The main campus is situated in the center of the city among the San Ignacio Plaza, next to the church Iglesia de San Ignacio, a beautiful architectural heritage.

Keeping the holistic development of the students in priority, the university offers training in sports as well as promotes student groups participating in performing art activities.

International students need approval from the appropriate academic unit of their home institution to make sure that courses taken meet the student’s academic requirements.

One doesn’t need to bear the cost of enrolled credits if their home university has an exchange agreement with the University of Antioquia.
They will also need to provide a Spanish proficiency certificate as well.

1. National University of Colombia, Medellin

The Medellin branch of the National University of Colombia has a prominent presence in the city with both of its campuses, the Central Campus and Campus Robledo, popularly known as National School of Mines.
Although this branch comprises of various schools that provide diverse courses, it is popularly known for its emphasis on engineering. It consists of the highest number of engineering programs in Colombia.

The central library “Efe Gomez” is a great engaging site for students to interact, connect and innovate. This library also includes 3d printing service to promote digital culture among its students, which is part of MakerSpace community.

The university provides a wide range of curriculum to choose from and the interested students must be registered as a student at an institution of higher education in their home country.
The matriculation fee and academic rights will be exempted only if the student’s institution has a currently-in-effect agreement with the university.

We have dedicated a whole category of our website to studying abroad in Latin America. Learn more about and all the different universities in Latin America.

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